Digital Images, 3D- Cone Beam Imaging System and Intra-Oral Video System

Dr. Kamer started her dental education with digital imagery at the University of Louisville. This university was the first dental school in the U.S. to have digital radiographic imagery, the RVG System from France invented by Dr. Francis Mouyen. Dr. Kamer has always understood the importance of imagery in the field of endodontics. As with the microscope, the ability to better visualize the anatomy of the interior of the tooth impacts the diagnosis. We find it imperative to the care of our patients to have the most current technology available.

We utilize digital radiography (images) versus standard X-Rays. Better quality with minimal radiation exposure. Our 3D Imaging Unit, the Orthophos XG, offers a well-defined image that reveals canal shapes and anatomies that provide precise measurements that are imperative for root canal therapy.


  • 3D Views
  • Tiltable 2D slices
  • Custom 3D slicing PAN, TSA, LSA, axial, sagittal, coronal, 3D model
  • Implant-oriented view, 1-Click OP reports

With its cylindrical 3D volume (8 cm diameter, 8 cm height), one scan captures the entire jaw, with a sufficient field of view. The captured volume is also small enough to diagnose time-efficiently thus reducing radiation exposure.

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